Car accident and personal injury treatment

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Benefits of the Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Injury services at Swift Urgent Clinic

— Quick access to Swift Urgent Clinic's orthopedic and spine specialists

— Superior imaging capabilities for accurate and timely diagnosis

— Full spectrum of care with dedicated concierge to guide all aspects of care and communication

Swift Urgent Clinic has the specialized providers and imaging capabilities to diagnose injuries accurately and develop a sequential treatment plan. We are confident our unique service offerings and specialty providers' commitment to excellence in patient care will provide added value to both you.

Q) What specialties and services are provided at Swift Urgent Clinic?

A) Swift Urgent Clinic provides on-site orthopedic specialists, digital x-rays, mri, injection therapy, and laceration repair. We can provide quick follow up appointments with fellowship-trained spine neurosurgeons, board-certified physical medicine, pain medicine and radiology physicians, and physical therapy if necessary. In addition to internal diagnostics, Swift Urgent Clinic offers on-site physical therapy gyms and injection suites.

Q) What injuries are diagnosed and treated at Swift Urgent Clinic

A) Swift Urgent Clinic treats musculoskeletal (hip, knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow) and spine (back pain and neck pain) injuries.

Below are highlights of Swift Urgent Clinic’s specialties:

1) Swift Urgent Clinic's musculoskeletal and extremity MRI is called the Esaote O-Scan MRI. O-Scan is the ultimate solution for MRI of the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. In contrast to traditional MRI, only the body part to be examined is within the O-Scan magnet.

2) The open and tilting design of Spine Nevada’s InMotion MRI, the Esaote G-Scan Brio, is improved and innovative in that the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the outcome of the exam. The InMotion MRI obtains images in both the traditional horizontal position (supine) and tilts to an upright position (weight-bearing) during the same examination. This provides additional diagnostic data to physicians.

3) Swift's Digital X-Ray technology gives physicians the confidence that their first decision is the right one. The platform also optimizes light channeling to allow high quality images with low x-ray exposure to the patient.

5) The Radiology department is directed by a board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologist, Dr. Waqaar Ahmad. Swift Urgent Clinic and Spine Nevada include certified Radiology and MRI technologists.

6) Swift Urgent Clinic is affiliated with Spine Nevada. Spine Nevada includes Board-certified physical medicine and pain medicine physicians, experienced physical therapists (PT) in addition to on-site PT clinics and injection suites. If surgery is needed, Spine Nevada's fellowshp-trained spine neurosurgeons are leaders in outpatient spine surgery and minimally invasive spine techniques. Swift Urgent Clinic is affiliated with local orthopedic surgeons.

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