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Patient Testimonials for Swift Urgent Clinic

Emily Flynn Testimonial

If you haven’t made the Switch yet...switch to SWIFT Urgent Care! By far the best Ortho urgent care physicians and staff in our area. We’ve been going to The ROC Urgent Care since it opened a few years ago. Recently they have made changes that have not worked out for the better. After a few questionable appointments I searched elsewhere. I found Dr. Gallio and his crew. He correctly diagnosed my 6 year old with a broken foot. (Something the other clinic failed to do). She is now free from pain and on her way to healing. Make the switch to SWIFT! — Facebook Recommendation

Bill Williams Testimonial

Bill first heard about Swift Urgent Clinic while listening to the radio. When he heard the radio spot it caught his attention and he was interested to learn about Swift’s orthopedic Urgent Clinic — but he wasn’t injured at the time. Fast forward a couple weeks and Bill experienced an unexpected injury to his shoulder while working. “I was walking in my shop and tripped over a part. As I was falling, I used my left arm to break my fall and this resulted in my shoulder dislocation injury.”

Bill called ahead to Swift Urgent Clinic to let the orthopedic walk-in clinic know he was coming in. “They took me right back when I arrived,” Bill explains. Janet Highhill, PA-C and Bruce Gallio, PA-C were the orthopedic specialized providers that saw Bill during his visit. “X-rays were ordered and done quickly, I even got a cd of my x-rays to take home that day. They had my shoulder set and in a sling in no time. The whole visit took a little over an hour and I was able to use my insurance,” Bill explains. “If you have a broken bone, sprain or strain - go to Swift Urgent Clinic - they will take care of your injury right away. It’s the place to go,” Bill says. “I’ve been telling others — if you have an orthopedic related injury — go to Swift orthopedic urgent center. You’ll get the care you need, when you need it.”

Connie Wray-Gaudard Testimonial

I've dealt with hip pain for over 10 years. I had a hip scope done 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the calcium grew back and my bone spurs returned. I was in severe pain and about to travel over the Thanksgiving weekend. I honestly didn't think I would get any relief until after the holiday because lets be honest, how was I going to get an injection? Thankfully my doctor. Dr. Dolon from Great Basin Orthopaedics - GBO contacted Swift Urgent Clinic I was able to get into see Dr. Gallio in less than 24 hours to get my injection. The care I received was outstanding. From the moment I walked in the front staff was kind and helpful. They helped me navigate my new insurance. The entire staff understood what I was going through and did everything in their power to make me comfortable. I was able to travel to Seattle. I was able to get some relief and enjoy my 1st Thanksgiving with my family in 20 years!! I think having Swift in our community is truly a blessing. No more waiting for weeks on end waiting to get in for an orthopedic injury for weeks until you can see someone to even get a little relief. Thank you, Swift Urgent Clinic! You saved the holiday!!